Writing: As a professional writer, I provide ghostwriting, speech writing, content for business documents, advertising copy, content for blog posts and X/Twitter and LinkedIn and other social media.

My specialty is working with individual clients one-on-one ghostwriting on book projects, but tell me what you want to say and I can turn it into clean strong memorable words whatever the project.

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Design: Yes, people do judge books by their cover.  I design book covers and their interior layouts, working with you so that you receive the full package from idea to finished book in hand. I design ebook covers and layouts as well, and I’ve designed (and written) other business-related materials: white papers, print and online ads, Powerpoint presentations, billboards, and business logos.

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Publishing: I guarantee publication for every book ghostwriting client. Your book can be available worldwide within weeks of its completion, whether as a paperback, hardcover edition, or Kindle. I can help you with the publishing process from beginning to end, design the layout and cover to your satisfaction, and advise you on book and author promotion.

Call now to schedule a free, no-charge conversation about your book.

You can reach me at 585-434-7067.

Marketing: My background is in marketing, sales, internet marketing, advertising copywriting, and psychology. My writing and design services are informed by that background, and so I can also provide consulting services. (I recommend a look at my LinkedIn article on that subject.)

Having taught writing for several years, I also offer mentoring and tutoring services, and critiques of existing writing projects. Contact me at davidpascal@gmail.com for details.

I Can Make You A Published Author

Why be an author? Because a book can get you notices, attract clients, impress potential employers, and boost your income. It can help establish you as an expert and an authority in your field. It can set you apart from competitors, and distinguish you as a thought leader.

Being an author can enhance your social status. It can change how you’re regarded by your peers and colleagues. It can get you interviews and guest appearances and media attention and free publicity. It could launch you on a whole new side career as a speaker or presenter.

Being an author can finally allow you to tell your side of the story and share your views on the things you’re most passionate about.

It might even make a little money from book sales. (And audiobook sales, licensing, film rights, etc etc etc.) See my ghostwriting page.

I can help you write that book. I can also design it, create the cover, make it available as a paperback, hardcover or kindle, and get it published. Guaranteed.

I can also help you to turn your book into different kinds of information products, too.

“Information products?” you ask.

Yes. Your print books can be turned into audiobooks or Amazon Kindles. Your book can be read aloud and sold as CDs or turned into Youtube videos. Or DVDs. Or blog posts, or tweets, or speeches. Or provide content for seminars, or online classes, or training courses, or…

But you get the idea.  It’s called “multiple streams of income.” 

Now you’re probably thinking, “Writing, design, publication–this person is promising a lot!  But is he equally good at all of it?”

Judge for yourself:  I’ve had a long career as a writer, designer, and writing instructor, and in marketing, and this site features several examples of all of the above.  Clients who have hired me seem happy with the results, but don’t take my word for it:  my LinkedIn page has dozens of recommendations from clients, associates and fellow professionals.

Can I do everything? No. no one can do it all. Yes, I can write you a Powerpoint presentation or a speech, but nowadays I concentrate on ghostwriting books. That’s my main focus. My background in writing and graphic design has left me with an unusually wide range of related skills, but I’m not a programmer, or a photographer, or a filmmaker. You’ll have to find someone else to sing your jingle. But I do know of a few singers, and programmers, photographers and filmmakers.  And I can call them in on a project in a heartbeat.  

Is writing, marketing and design all I can do?  No.  I also give talks and presentations.  I write books and articles all my own and create art for art’s sake.  I teach now and again.  

But I do things like that for me.  If you have something to say, you want to know what I can do for you.  

Answer:  if it involves writing, publishing, marketing or design as a way to put across your message and advance you and your career, I can get you there–fast, effectively, and affordably.

There’s a saying in the academic community: “Publish or Perish.” That’s no longer just true of professors. It’s true of business leaders and thought leaders, politicians and pundits, dissidents and influencers. Whether it’s Trump or Biden, Stephen King or Tom Clancy, Warren Buffett or Bill Gates, Churchill or J. K. Rowling or Freud, the people who have an impact, the people we notice and remember, write books.

Maybe it’s time you wrote one too.

So.  Got a project to discuss?  Call me now at 585-434-7067 and we’ll schedule a talk about your book–free, no charge..  Or email me at:  DavidPascal@gmail.com

Clients On Pascal

“David is more than an exceptionally gifted and knowledgable copywriter. To my knowledge he’s the only writer in the field I know that is equally competent in graphic design and print and internet marketing. The rest of us all work on our own little part of the project. David can see the big picture and put together an integrated package like no one else. He’s as unique as he is good. And he’s a pleasure to work with. If you’re looking to do a book, an advertisement, a presentation, a white paper, or just plain want a consultant who’ll give you some damn sharp advice, look no further. This is the guy.”

Client: Philip Alexander, Copywriter / Internet Marketing Specialist

“David Pascal and Pascal Editions helped me to take an idea — a fantasy really — and make it a reality. After several easy recorded conversations, we worked together to create an outline and develop content, till eventually it became the story in my heart and head that I wanted to be told in exactly that way. (In fact so much material was developed that a second and third book became likely, and are under development as well.) Suffice it to say, that without David’s keen writing skills and intellect, none of this would have been possible or even probable. He was able to draw from me what I did not even know existed. Thank you David!”

Client: Alexander Franklin, Author and Real Estate Investor

“I have had a professional relationship with David Pascal for over 10 years. From web design and SEO, to marketing campaigns, media ads, brochures, business cards, and postcards, David is the man. I couldn’t be happier with the consistently excellent results of his work. David has an uncanny ability to get and keep peoples’ attention. Both visually and with words, David is an artist, and a creative genius. He is accessible, proactive, and gets results. He can draw someone in, and engage them with emotion and grace. I count my lucky stars to count him as a dear friend, collaborator, and mentor.”

Client: Dr. Mark Groskin, Founder of Refuah Tikun Chai

“David Pascal is like no other ghostwriter in existence. This man is the ghostwriter’s ghostwriter.”

Client: Jonathan Rich, Chief Executive Officer, The Galen Group