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Yes, a new Pascal is on the shelves.  (I say ‘new,’ but it was published traditionally, in an anthology, which is to say I wrote it years ago.)  Still, I’ve heard a few good things said about the new short story, and the anthology as a whole is interesting. Interested readers can get the full Kindle edition for a piddling $2.99.  But (as a special treat for for all you fans of David Pascal out there), click here to download a copy of the actual pre-publication galley proof and read it directly.

In passing — I did a book cover for an earlier publication by R-Spec Press called 2034 (also available at Amazon) in which I was told that crass exploitation was certainly not this publishing house’s goal and under no circumstances was I to put a woman, much less a sexy woman, on the cover.  I complied; the client’s word is law.  But I couldn’t help coming up with an alternative cover for this new publication, here made public below for the first time.  Need I say that it did not make the cut?




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